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It’s me, hi!

Hi it’s me Sandra Bee.
The posts before this one is written for my old blog, but I felt the need to include them.
A lot of stuff has happened. I moved to a new city and the depression is worse than ever.
I’ve been fighting hard against my mental health and the first things I did in this new apartment was crafting.
Been doing a lot of miniatures these past months. Haven’t been posting much, but I’ll include som pictures.

First I made a microscale kit, it was difficult but so much fun to make. Gave it to my grandmother, she was thrilled.
Then I made a miniature dollhouse Christmas kit. I know, it’s not even summer yet, but I was in the mood for Christmas.
I hope you can click on these images and see them in a bigger size.

So this will be my crafty corner from now on. I’m still on TikTok, Instagram and on YouTube, but I guess I need to write as well.
My new project is going to be a miniature crafting room, I bought a kit from Temu. It supposed to be a home office, but I’ll remake it to a crafting room.

I know it’s getting warmer outside, but I’m more of a indoor crafting girl.
I promise, I’ll get some fresh air.
Take care until next time.