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MiniVerse Milkshake Cereals

Let’s be honest, I’ve been feeling so sad and really depressed for a long time now. And crafting makes my anxiety and dark thoughts calm down. I see crafting as my own kind of therapy.
Since these MiniVerse make it mini food-projects only takes about 20-30 minutes it’s an easy and fast way to calm down. But lately I’ve haven’t even had the excitement to make them. I have a lot of these since I imported them from Spain. And I do know I usually love making them, so hopefully I will feel a bit better and start crafting again. In the end, that is what makes me feel happy. I have however filmed making each one. So I’ll share this one with you.

These cereals was so fun to make, and I can’t help at looking at this video and feel happy. MiniVerse have done such an excellent job of all the details and packaging. In the near future I will start with my miniature witchy desk-project. It’s finally spooky season.
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Hope you are having a lovely day.